Mergers and Acquisitions

Deal or No Deal?
Mergers and Acquistions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you looking to acquire a new business or sell your existing business? Mergers and Acquisitions can be an exponentially large task to take on your own, so why go at it alone? Parametric Pro Consulting has facilitated $10’s of millions of dollars worth of mergers and acquisitions with over $6 billion in transactions. Our team features specialists who can help you maximize your value.

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Preparing your Business for sale

Preparing your Business for sale

When selling your business there are many factors that needed to be accounted for. Many people who are selling their business need to begin preparing 2 years before the sale even begins. Parametric Pro Consulting are specialists in maximizing the value of your business. There are several aspects that must be considered:

1. Maximizing your next 2 years of financials
2. Utilizing owned assets
3. Preparing Staff for transition

And so much more…Parametric Pro is here to help take the worry out of selling your business.

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Brokering Joint Ventures

Brokering Joint Ventures

Parametric Pro Consulting has brokered multiple Joint-Ventures. We are experts in multiple styles of negotiations and will represent your best interests when creating Joint-Ventures. Our Consultants have successfully negotiated major deals that have lead to $10,000,000’s in increased value for companies.

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